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The Second Half

It has been said “Enthusiasm and ignorance can get you halfway through any project.”  Most projects, events, and relationships begin with great enthusiasm and anticipation, but about halfway through, feelings can turn to discouragement, weariness and near defeat.

Where are the Men?

“There was a day when you would move from boy to man, and there was some indication of when that was. Now we don’t know… and the result is that you’ve got a bunch of biological adults but emotional children… boys who can shave.”  

The Hunt List

No matter what we are hunting making a list in preparation is a smart thing to do. As with many things you lost me at that “S” word. I suppose it’s not really as much of an intelligence factor as it is a personality trait.

Hunting Health

As  Sage, Sadie (my labs) and I are sitting on the deck in Colorado waiting on the bear to walk past on it’s way to the dumpsters by the local eating place, I’m thinking about how lucky I am to be alive.  My wife… Continue Reading “Hunting Health”

After “Cancer” Thoughts

Tom and I met a couple of years ago through business, quickly figured out we have many things in common and struck up a friendship. The first of this year I got a call from Tom and he said, we now have one more thing in common, I have cancer.

The Whirlwind

The whirlwind I experience most often today is called life. I’m not sure how it happened but life has become a chaotic swirling whirlwind for most of us. There is a constant battle to stay on one’s feet as the winds seem to be gusting from all directions.

Four Marks of an Effective Leader

Prologue: This article is a blog post from the Church & Culture blog, written by James Emery White. The blog is very worthy of exploration as it does an incredible job of looking at the effects and realities of our current culture in relationship… Continue Reading “Four Marks of an Effective Leader”

The secret to a successful marriage, the 105 code

The secret to a successful marriage, the 105 code!

Dealing with Pain and Suffering Part II

A few months ago, I wrote an article for that was entitled “Dealing with Pain and Suffering.” In this article, I talked about how bad things and tough times will inevitably come to all of us. It talked about allowing ourselves to experience our emotions… Continue Reading “Dealing with Pain and Suffering Part II”

Dealing with pain and suffering Part I

In M. Scott Peck’s book The Road Less Traveled, he talks about how life will always have pain and suffering, and that those who embrace that pain will be far better off. In my life, I have certainly experienced pain, as I’m sure most… Continue Reading “Dealing with pain and suffering Part I”