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Are you a leader or manager?

No matter what or who you think you are, those who work for you may beg to differ. Do they think you’re a leader or a manager?

Get your but out of the way!

Before I get in big trouble, please notice the spelling of but in the title. I’m not talking about anything you can see in the mirror looking over your shoulder. Although, I could lose a few pounds there myself. I’m speaking of the conjunction. Most of… Continue Reading “Get your but out of the way!”

Finding the right path

Life just sucks, it’s not fair, they are the problem. Can’t believe bad things happen to someone as awesome as I am. I’m sick of looking at everyone else’s trophy pictures. Had a friend named Mac who once told me if you’re not getting the right answers you’re not asking the right questions. Maybe it’s time to ask yourself a few new questions.

Join The Hunt

As I watched the sun rise over the Rocky Mountains this September I was in awe of God’s creation. There was also an awareness of the opportunity God had given to see this very day. Only four months earlier I was finishing up 5… Continue Reading “Join The Hunt”

Finding the right path

As men, we are all on a journey. Standing at the trail head we wonder, which path do I take? In the mountains where we hunt elk many of the trails have become so familiar they have been named; the Upper Berry, the Lower Berry,… Continue Reading “Finding the right path”