Life is challenging! Daily we walk through uncharted territory. This jungle we live
in changes so fast the path we thought we knew can be gone in a moment. The
undergrowth becomes so thick we can’t push through it. We hear the beast
stalking us. Our heart rate escalates, adrenaline is screaming. It’s decision
time, fight or flight!
How’s your life in the jungle? We all live there.  The busyness of life
is becoming the undergrowth that threatens to envelope us? What beasts are
nipping at your heels; work stress, finances, relationships? The fight or flight
response, meant for a momentary burst of energy, is turned on almost constantly
and the stress is killing us.
Since our inception on this earth men have been hunting for sustenance, shelter
and meaning. That will never change, but the landscape does. Today we hunt for money
to give us lifestyle and security. We hunt for relationships to fill the innate need of
companionship and love. We hunt for peace, for rest is a necessity, it is life-giving.
And, we hunt for meaning to answer the longing in our soul.
Many times in my life I have  hunted alone and occasionally I have been
fortunate enough to have a guide. For the guide has been there, he knows the lay
of the land, where the danger lies and where the game is plentiful. This
Huntsman, can be of incredible assistance in our success. Our endeavor with “The
Huntsman” is simply to help guide you to success in the
things that really matter in this world. Come join us in the hunt!
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