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Doing Tough Stuff

In the picture above I had just shaved my head after my hair started falling out from the chemo treatment. The picture depicts a strength and attitude to take on this challenge! Where did these come from? Certainly not from me. The source is hanging around my neck.

Dealing with Diversity

What do you see in the picture of the little girl? She is 25% Hispanic. She is 50% African American. She is 25% unknown. I see my granddaughter.

Try Something new, Why?

Trying something new is hard for many of us. We fall in love with something that gives us joy, entertainment or peace. Why do anything different? Good question. Sometimes we have new or different experiences that maybe were not really planned or desired. And… Continue Reading “Try Something new, Why?”

A Season without Dad

For me, elk hunting is synonymous with my Dad. We bow hunted for elk off and on for almost 40 years. With Dad passing away last December I know this year will be different.  On our last bow hunt for elk together Dad was… Continue Reading “A Season without Dad”

There’s Always Tomorrow – Or Not

All we could do was keep saying, this is unbelievable. Clothes hanging from the tops of trees, a shoe, the door to a safe – but no safe, the back of a guitar body (1970 Gibson). All worldly possessions reduced to basically nothing.

One Man’s Fear Is Another’s Fun

We anticipated watching him slowly raise the rifle, aim and take this bear. What happened next has held Matt and myself in amazement to this day!


I was hunting along a ridge in the Northern Colorado mountains. It was a beautiful September day, late afternoon. My ears were alert, straining to hear an elk cow mew or the distant scream of a bull bugling. The scream wasn’t distant. It was… Continue Reading “Fear”

The reason for the season

What’s the end result of all this? Our house looks like it should be in a Christmas edition of Better Homes and Gardens. It is beautiful, and we love it. But, the thing we really cherish and love about Christmas is knowing the where and why of it.

What Real Men Should Do

Let’s talk porn, shall we?

Five “Leadership 101” Principles

As I listened, it was as if every elementary understanding of effective leadership was at best lost in ignorance, or at worst being purposefully ignored. This wasn’t a case of immorality, just folly,