The definition of success varies greatly with individual opinion. Therefore, the definition of success defined herein is that of the Huntsman, himself. He assures me that in his humble and accurate opinion the pursuit of these priorities will lead to extraordinary success in things that really matter. The Huntsman lives by a creed ordained by the creator. That Creed is simply that we must stay in the hunt for four things: Faith, Family, Wellness, Outdoors

  • FAITH – Man is born with a God sized void in our soul. There is an insatiable need to fill this void. We try many things, sometimes not good things.The truth is those who find faith have incredible freedom, power and purpose.
  • FAMILY – We were designed not only to be part of a family, but to lead the family. Are we winning or failing?
  • WELLNESS – Financial, physical, mental. We need them all.
  • OUTDOORS – Men need connection to it. We need to step out of the concrete jungle and live outdoors (at least occasionally). We need to become part of it. See the stars, feel the coolness of the night, the warmth of the fire. Enjoy the bounty.
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