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Try Something new, Why?

Trying something new is hard for many of us. We fall in love with something that gives us joy, entertainment or peace. Why do anything different? Good question. Sometimes we have new or different experiences that maybe were not really planned or desired. And… Continue Reading “Try Something new, Why?”

A Season without Dad

For me, elk hunting is synonymous with my Dad. We bow hunted for elk off and on for almost 40 years. With Dad passing away last December I know this year will be different.  On our last bow hunt for elk together Dad was… Continue Reading “A Season without Dad”

One Man’s Fear Is Another’s Fun

We anticipated watching him slowly raise the rifle, aim and take this bear. What happened next has held Matt and myself in amazement to this day!

Part of the hunt is just having fun! Wet Feathers Episode 2

You’ve gotta have fun!

Part of the hunt is just having fun! Wet Feathers Episode 1

Having fun is an important part of the hunt!

Can’t see the forest for the trees, sometimes you can’t see the elk either!

We called in 4 different bulls within 15 to 20 yards from Matt. A very nice bull was within 30 yards of me for over 5 minutes and I had a stare down with a cow at about 20 inches, eyeball to eyeball.

Interior Decorating with “Pretty”

Interior decorating for “Men”

Matt’s Day – 2016 Elk Hunt

A special day in our 2016 elk hunt. Recapping Matt’s first archery bull.

The Rescuers

I have seen many things in the mountains, but we could not quite make out the dark something a half mile down the trail. We could tell it was moving, but it looked close to the ground and big.

The Hunt List

No matter what we are hunting making a list in preparation is a smart thing to do. As with many things you lost me at that “S” word. I suppose it’s not really as much of an intelligence factor as it is a personality trait.