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Doing Tough Stuff

In the picture above I had just shaved my head after my hair started falling out from the chemo treatment. The picture depicts a strength and attitude to take on this challenge! Where did these come from? Certainly not from me. The source is hanging around my neck.


I was hunting along a ridge in the Northern Colorado mountains. It was a beautiful September day, late afternoon. My ears were alert, straining to hear an elk cow mew or the distant scream of a bull bugling. The scream wasn’t distant. It was… Continue Reading “Fear”

What will it take to solve the issues of sexual harassment and abuse of women by men? Men!

Until enough men rise up to condemn, to intervene, this isn’t going to end. Men who are not abusers must challenge those who are.

Sexism: A view from the one who created men, and women!

The current #MeToo movement has caused a landslide of transparency into the world on sexism that is rampant and has been shoved under the rug forever. The build up, under the rug, became so big that people finally started to trip over it. The message below is from James Emory White’s blog ” Church & Culture. As shocking as this is today, so too may be the view from our creator. 

Where are the Men?

“There was a day when you would move from boy to man, and there was some indication of when that was. Now we don’t know… and the result is that you’ve got a bunch of biological adults but emotional children… boys who can shave.”  

Hunting Health

As  Sage, Sadie (my labs) and I are sitting on the deck in Colorado waiting on the bear to walk past on it’s way to the dumpsters by the local eating place, I’m thinking about how lucky I am to be alive.  My wife… Continue Reading “Hunting Health”

The Whirlwind Continues

I published an article on the huntsman blog last week, “The Whirlwind”, that was written five years ago. In a prolog I stated that I still battle the busyness of life with its urgencies and demands that often overpower the important and the blessings.… Continue Reading “The Whirlwind Continues”

After “Cancer” Thoughts

Tom and I met a couple of years ago through business, quickly figured out we have many things in common and struck up a friendship. The first of this year I got a call from Tom and he said, we now have one more thing in common, I have cancer.

The Whirlwind

The whirlwind I experience most often today is called life. I’m not sure how it happened but life has become a chaotic swirling whirlwind for most of us. There is a constant battle to stay on one’s feet as the winds seem to be gusting from all directions.