Faith is number one priority of the Huntsman Creed. As we begin to explain why let’s start with values. Values reflect who we are. They are our priorities in life. They drive our actions or inaction. And though we may sometimes speak or act in opposition to our values, they are ultimately revealed in how we choose to live our lives.

These values, you see stated by The Huntsman, are a belief in God, whom we put first in our lives. The second is our family, both at home and at work. And third is our work or profession.

In Ephesians 5 & 6 the Apostle Paul talked about the alignment of God’s priorities:

  1. Make God number one, giving Him thanks for everything in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Love one another as God loves each of us.
  2. Love your spouse and give yourself up to him or her as Christ gave Himself to you.
  3. Love your children. Bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord so they will honor their father and mother.
  4. Work with a sincere heart. Do your best at work, not in a manner to please people, but work as if you are working for God.
  5. Be on mission with God. Be strong in the faith and be an ambassador for His good news: that God so loved the world, He gave His son so we do not die, but have everlasting life with Him.

Did you notice where we, as individuals, are ranked in that list of priorities? We aren’t! Herein hides the secret of success. With faith, we understand there is a higher power, a creator, whom we must put above ourselves. If we live in alignment with His priorities, we will have the strength to overcome all of life’s trials and live a life that succeeds in all areas that really matter.

By placing faith in God, he shows us how to succeed by imitating what he has done and continues to do. He gave his son for us. Christ died for us, giving all to bridge the gap between us and God. This shows the value he placed on loving others above ourselves.

God then asks us to put our spouses above all, except Him. What happens if spouses actually do that with each other? They have lasting marriages that grow throughout their lives.

Next are our children. They will find that honoring their parents will bring good things throughout their life. Fathers should not provoke their children to anger, but raise them with the discipline and instruction of the Lord.

At work we should act and perform as though we are working for God. As much as I enjoy where I work, there are always some things and times that are tough, or just not fun. Human nature would dictate putting these things off or just doing enough to get by. When I know that God expects me to do everything at work in a manner that honors Him, I am empowered to get it done and work at the highest level I can. This is a huge factor in why people who have faith perform at higher levels and raise the bar of all those around them. Leaders with faith care about the success of their employees above their own, and employees care more about the success of their team than themselves. There is no stronger sustainable enhancement to performance than this.

And the final priority: the importance of being on a mission to share God’s love and to have a personal relationship with Him … Why would we not want to share the fact that there is a God who can show us how to have great marriages, raise children who grow up with character and purpose, find fulfillment and value in our work, and have the power and strength to deal with life’s inevitable pain and challenges?

So why is faith our primary value and one of the tenants of The Huntsman Creed? Because we know without faith life is out of balance. Those who value themselves above others will never be valued by others. With faith and the proper alignment of God’s priorities, we can live a life of success in every aspect that matters. We can have great relationships with those we love, both at home and at work; we have the strength and power given by a real personal relationship with God to overcome any obstacle that comes our way; and we are high achievers because we work for our company, our businesses and customers in a manner that brings honor and glory to God.

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