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There’s Always Tomorrow – Or Not

All we could do was keep saying, this is unbelievable. Clothes hanging from the tops of trees, a shoe, the door to a safe – but no safe, the back of a guitar body (1970 Gibson). All worldly possessions reduced to basically nothing.


I was hunting along a ridge in the Northern Colorado mountains. It was a beautiful September day, late afternoon. My ears were alert, straining to hear an elk cow mew or the distant scream of a bull bugling. The scream wasn’t distant. It was… Continue Reading “Fear”

Dealing with Pain and Suffering Part II

A few months ago, I wrote an article for SpendLifeWisely.com that was entitled “Dealing with Pain and Suffering.” In this article, I talked about how bad things and tough times will inevitably come to all of us. It talked about allowing ourselves to experience our emotions… Continue Reading “Dealing with Pain and Suffering Part II”

Dealing with pain and suffering Part I

In M. Scott Peck’s book The Road Less Traveled, he talks about how life will always have pain and suffering, and that those who embrace that pain will be far better off. In my life, I have certainly experienced pain, as I’m sure most… Continue Reading “Dealing with pain and suffering Part I”