The Whirlwind Continues

I published an article on the huntsman blog last week, “The Whirlwind”, that was written five years ago. In a prolog I stated that I still battle the busyness of life with its urgencies and demands that often overpower the important and the blessings. In the article I suggested a practice of getting up an hour early to focus, give thanks and plan.

Obviously the battle still rages on. Last week I was focusing on major issues at work, trying to be present for my family, getting little sleep and fighting fatigue of body and mind. Thursday morning about 7:15 am I realized I had missed an important meeting at 6:30. Now let me be honest. This wasn’t a onetime special meeting. It’s a meeting I have every Thursday morning. The whirlwind was blowing so hard I had forgotten what day it was.

This morning I decided to practice what I preach, “for once”. Got up at 5:55am. Strung my bow and walked out into the yard in my sleeping clothes, boxers and a t-shirt (I live in the country so don’t think I offended anyone). A storm last night had blown over the back stop (a 4×6 foot piece of foam off an old dock) which sits behind my archery target. Should I go stand it up. No, I’ll do it after my first round of shots. First arrow bounced off the top of the target and shot off into the pasture. Dang. The next two found their mark and it felt good to flex muscles and watch the arrows fly from my Blacktail recurve.

On the way back through the garage, which also masquerades as a gym sometimes, I dug out a couple of dumbbells for a quick workout. That felt good too. Then I got a cold drink, sat down and read John 6, where Jesus fed 5,000 men. In reality the custom of that day was to refer to men only, most likely they were accompanied by women and children so the three small pieces of bread and two fish probably fed 20-25,000 people. From that miracle the crowds began to follow Jesus, still missing the point that he had come to give them eternal life, not to fill their bellies and conquer the Romans. Sounds like the whirlwind is not the only thing that stays the same, people still want the things of this world they think will give them happiness and miss the real prize.

Out of the door by 7:00, at work by 7:15. Parking lot is pretty empty. My heads also a little less cluttered. What a great start to the day. Perhaps I should do this tomorrow morning.

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