There’s Always Tomorrow – Or Not

There’s always tomorrow. No, my friends there is not!

There is always tomorrow. I think that is the great deceiver’s favorite saying. My family knows how I feel about them. Someday I’m going to tell that person about the positive impact they have made on my life, etc..

One day, for you and myself, there will be no tomorrow, here.

The picture on the right shows where the elderly retired couple’s home use to be located in a beautiful meadow. In the other picture Matt is standing where they found the husband after the tornado hit, 150 yards from where their home once stood. Miraculously, he survived. His wife was found in the meadow badly injured. Matt and I worked with other volunteers to wonder through the woods looking for salvageable personal belongings with debris spread over a 1/2 mile.

All we could do was keep saying, this is unbelievable. Clothes hanging from the tops of trees, a shoe, the door to a safe – but no safe, the back of a guitar body (1970 Gibson). All worldly possessions reduced to basically nothing. I was there because I felt I should be doing something. I may have been there just to be alone, the rest of the story is I lost a co-worker in this tornado as well. I had worked with Debby for almost 20 years. She was strong, no matter what the challenge she leaned in towards it. Every sentence she said, in good days or bad, ended with an infectious smile. She embodied the culture of care and purpose at our business. Was loved and respected. She was a loving wife, mother and grandmother. In an instant, she is gone.

She is not here. She is however, where she was prepared to go. I know this because we had good conversations about her faith in Jesus Christ and the place he has prepared for those that know him and follow him. I am so thankful that I knew Debby and her heart. Her family and friends will mourn their loss. But I am thankful to know where she is and that we will see her again.

There’s always tomorrow! Perhaps one of the most foolish statements every made. A few of us understand the reality of this. Not unlike those who don’t, it’s still hard to live today as though it could be your last. But, it’s the worthiest endeavor we can ever have. To live each day caring for others and sharing the truth. I love the words of a song that says, “I don’t want to leave a legacy, I don’t care if they remember me, only Jesus”. Because, if you know Jesus I won’t be forgotten, we’ll meet up again.

Life on this earth will end for each of us one day. But the journey doesn’t end here. You will move on to another more permanent location. Where that is depends on your decision today. Not tomorrow, tomorrow may not come.


5 Comments on “There’s Always Tomorrow – Or Not

  1. Awesome message Bert. Many hugs for if tomorrow never comes you will know how much you are respected and supported in your journeys. We are to know what tomorrow brings. That belongs to God.


  2. Well said thank you for taking time to share your thoughts. Debby would love hearing this.

    Praise God we do have a better place waiting for us and we have no promise of a tomorrow

    Live today as if it were your last Debby did


  3. I remember a message given by a wonderful man who served with his wife for over 50yrs. He spoke to our Women’s Ministry Council over 40yrs ago. I was young but still remember the message!!
    The Bible has a lot of Promises but we are NEVER PROMISED TOMORROW! Don’t ever try to think it can wait till tomorrow bcoz tomorrow NEVER COMES….😢


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