Join The Hunt

As I watched the sun rise over the Rocky Mountains this September I was in awe of God’s creation. There was also an awareness of the opportunity God had given to see this very day. Only four months earlier I was finishing up 5 months of intensive chemo therapy. The uncertainty of life had taken on a literal meaning.

Yet here I was; weakened, but invigorated by the bugle of the elk and my son at my side. It was the greatest hunt of our lives. One I thought might never come again. I watched my son take his first bull elk in the same mountains where years ago my father watched my arrow fly true as I took my first bull.

Experiencing the possibility of death changes your perspective. The real certainty of life on this earth is the finality of it. There will be a day, when in the presence of the creator I hope to hear, “well done my good and faithful servant, you ran the race well”. My plan is to hunt hard, to succeed in the things that really matter on this earth.

Life can resemble the pile of scat in the middle of the trail. Or, it can be exciting, challenging and joyful. Come on men, lace up your boots, throw on that pack and come join us in the hunt!

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