Finding the right path

As men, we are all on a journey. Standing at the trail head we wonder, which path do I take? In the mountains where we hunt elk many of the trails have become so familiar they have been named; the Upper Berry, the Lower Berry, and the Bath Tub. The later which is aptly named for an iron bathtub sitting in a spring feed creek deep in the forest.

There’s always a choice to be made. Which path is the right one? Often, we don’t know. Usually it just depends upon our priorities. Taking the Upper Berry may not put you in prime hunting territory, but you can glass a lot of country and it’s an easy walk. If you take the Lower Berry it will put you in great position for elk moving from feeding areas to bedding, but it has a 1500-foot elevation drop and is a grueling trip back up. The Bath Tub often holds elk, but it also seems to be home to most of the local bear population. I’ll tell you the story some day of walking up on a huge momma bear with an injured cub. Talk about a fight or flight response! It’s a little embarrassing, but we all lived to tell the tale.

The truth is, our priorities always bring the answer to what path we take. Many times, we aren’t happy with where the trail leads. We put in all that work and it just fails short. In our day-to-day life, this might equate to the job that’s not getting you where want to be. The stress of life is weighing heavily. Relationships are struggling. The only person that seems to like you is your dang dog and he just did number two in the middle of the living room.

How many times have we thought life just sucks, it’s not fair, “they” are the problem. Can’t believe bad things happen to someone this awesome. I’m sick of looking at everyone else’s trophy pictures. Had a friend, Mac, who once told me if you’re not getting the right answers you’re not asking the right questions. Maybe it’s time to ask yourself a few new questions. Could it be that your actual priorities are keeping you off the right path? The answer to that is probably yes! Kind of a bold statement there, perhaps should back off that a little? No way! This discussion is for men.

The Huntsman says there’s no time for B.S. and weakness. Life happens whether you’re ready or not. We are where we are at in life as a result of our priorities. Not thrilled with your current GPS location? Maybe it’s time to change priorities? The Huntsman can guide us to priorities that will bring us the incredibly abundant life promised us. Pull up a chair close to the campfire and listen to the wisdom of the Huntsman.

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