Just a matter of Faith!

The word faith brings to mind many different things to many folks.  It kind of matters where and what you are doing when talking about faith.  Faith in yourself and others, in hunting dogs, hunting guides and in God are some examples.  I just had some dental work done and believe you me I needed faith in others and their skills to help me.


Faith is a powerful word.  Just think about it when you say “I have faith in you!”  You are putting them in a position of power in your life, so to speak.  You have faith in your children to do the right thing and faith in yourself to be a good parent!  We have faith in our local government, schools and our political system.


When you’re hunting with others, you have to have faith in their skills as hunters so as not to have an accident.  When we teach Hunters Ed we share that picking your hunting partner is as important as picking your spouse.  Always hunt with folks that you have faith in.  Faith in our skills as a hunter is what keeps our sport going.


Faith is an important part of life with faith in yourself,  other people and most importantly, religious faith.  Now I consider myself a Christian in process.  By this I mean I’m not perfect or done yet.  I’m still learning and have some areas to improve on.   It’s a continuous life project for me.  My faith is very important to me.  I try not to set in judgment of other folks with their beliefs or faith.  I just know how it is important it is to me.


There was once a situation regarding a hunting partner of mine who was an atheist.  We didn’t talk about religion because we had different points of view, but we both loved to hunt quail.  As I said earlier, I don’t set in judgment of others.  A time came when a life situation came up for my friend that didn’t turn out so good for him.  I never forgave him for the way he handled it.  Taking your life is not a good option.  I had a very difficult time coming to grips with the loss of a friend and hunting partner.   Not judging him was diificult.  For my own healing process I came to the conclusion that the missing part of his life was faith!  Life is not always easy, fun or predictable.  You must have faith in yourself and for me, faith in God.  He didn’t have this.  He had nowhere to turn.  It might not have mattered, but I think it might have.


When I started my first year as a teacher, my mother (the last one room schoolhouse teacher in Kansas I might add) told me “Sometimes only you and God know why you did what you did.”  Faith in yourself is important, which is based on your Christian faith.   I believe you must have this when making decisions on work, life and social situations.   Decisions you make in life are many and at times tough, but with a strong foundation of faith, decisions are made easier and better.  Faith for me is using all of the God given talents I have to live the best life I can, whatever that might be.  I am not rich in money, but I am rich in friends and family.  It is just a matter of faith in yourself and God.



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