Unlikely Hunting Partners

Prologue: Some hunting buddies come from unlikely places. Over the last seven years my brother-in-law, Mike, has developed a very special relationship with his favorite hunting partner. It may be like the relationship between Obi-Wan and Luke Skywalker, where the student became more talented than the master. Under Mike’s guidance and support his partner has taken deer, bear and even a wolf with a crossbow. Coyotes within 400 yards are in deadly peril from her rifle. Yes, you read that right, “her”. Even more amazing is the fact that she is his wife, and my sister, Nancy. Her story below:

Growing up in a family and in an area where men were the only ones who ever hunted, never in a million years did I think I would one day become an avid huntress.   My husband, father and brother have always been involved in hunting, while my position was that of cheerleader, cook and videographer.  When one of my husband’s favorite hunting buddies married a native of Oklahoma several years ago who loved to hunt, I began to think maybe I could do that too.  She became my inspiration.

In 2010, I took Hunter’s Safety at the age of 58 along with my father, who was 81, prior to a bear hunt in Canada.  He had been hunting all his life; however, Canada had decided that everyone bear hunting there needed to have Hunter’s Safety.  I was happy to have him as a classmate!

Since that time, we have made several trips to Canada and I have gone from using a rifle to a crossbow.  My husband has always used a compound bow for hunting deer and bears.  I decided I would like to try hunting with a bow, but knowing I did not have the strength to draw back the poundage needed, I wanted to try a crossbow.  It has now become my favorite hunting device.

I believe the best thing about hunting is the memories made and the fun times spent with my husband, family and friends.  I will forever be thankful for being encouraged by my husband to take up this sport.  Since retiring 6 years ago, we have had many memorable hunting trips and fantastic times with family and friends.   I hope this might encourage other women to never say “never” like I did and give hunting a chance.  It might just be the answer to doing something you can enjoy forever and share with others.



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